Rescue Rays: Light During a Pandemic

I haven't said much so far about the current pandemic. I'll begin by briefly noting that my part of the country (Orlando area) has so far been a fairly quiet spot in terms of infections. My county issued a stay at home order in mid-March, and my state issued a similar order on April 3. As of today (4/25), the state has just over registered 30,000 infections (where it had been expected there could have been as many as 400,000, out of 21 million people),and my county has registered just over 1200 infections (out of 1.3 million people).

My household has thankfully remained so far free of any harmful health or ecomonic impacts as a result of the pandemic. Mrs. H is an essential worker, and while her schedule has been altered, her job has so far remained in place. My varied bivocational efforts (such as with USDA) are somewhat reduced in hours and methods, but not in a way that has been problematic. The stay at home order has allowed me to get some backed up Tekton work done. It also gives me a chance to give some attention to a special ministry by one of Tekton's longtime readers which is doing its part to relieve the suffering.

Though I'm not what you'd call a tree hugger, I'm all for efficient energy production and usage (which is why I own a Prius). Rescue Rays has a special focus on bringing efficient energy production to remote places that are short on energy. With the current pandemic, though, they now offer a fleet of solar powered food trucks on the front lines of the situation aimed at feeding both medical workers and thise with food needs. This is their way to help local economies, businesses, and employees affected by COVID-19 while feeding aid workers, doctors, and other essential workers and/or those suffering from hunger that are not gathering at food banks.

I'll let them speak for themselves in terms of how they accomplish the current focus:

We do this by:

  1. We disburse donated food to those who need it SAFELY rather than having them gather at food banks. Posting where the truck will be around town and during which times allows people to drive up and pop their trunk to have bags of food loaded into it without them getting out of the car. There will always be a number to text on the side of each truck with specific instructions such as allergies. Those without transportation can arrange for home delivery.
  2. We feed aid workers, doctors, and other essential workers - saying thank you to with free freshly made meals - safely and dropped off to-go.
  3. Help local economies: contracting 4 food truck businesses in each of 5 cities where food truck their business events had been canceled and their employees were out of work, giving each of them over 100 paid catering events.
  4. Caring for the people of the world by caring for the environment they live in: Striving to make our relief efforts as environmentally responsible as possible by incorporating mobile kitchens completely powered by the sun.
  5. Select food trucks are 100% solar powered, run quiet as a mouse, and have zero emissions while in operation. This allows us to give back during this time of need and reduce our carbon footprint while in the process. Solar powered generators are what makes this all possible.

    Check them out! I especially appreciate (as a resident of the "Sunshine State") their innovative efforts to use solar power. Plus, a lot of those food trucks are made right here in Orlando!